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Ensure your loved ones receive your estate in the most efficient manner

Your will could be your largest financial transaction. There are potential threats that you do not think about when making wills that could have a significant impact upon the estate that your heirs receive, even though something similar may have happened in your family.

If you are married with children, download the 5 Threats to your Children’s Inheritance Report to understand the problems and possible solutions.

Co-Habitee relationships vary in shape enormously, but all have special problems with inheritance planning which require specialist advice. Download our ‘Co-Habitees Report‘ to understand the issues in plain English.

If you are single, widowed or divorced with children, your will can make a difference, so that your children are able to inherit in a more favourable and efficient way.

If a loved one has recently passed away, it is often possible for a beneficiary to vary the terms of the will to protect present and future generations. Contact us to explore how.

If a loved one has recently passed away, please see the relevant pages  with advice on what to do when someone dies to understand how estates can be administered.

If you wish to make or review your existing will, please contact us for an initial telephone conversation


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