About us

The Inheritance Planning Company specialises in planning and managing family inheritances passing efficiently from one generation to another. We have the technicians and know how to do this to the highest standards of Wills and Probate.

Our only discipline is making wills and trusts (estate planning) and administering and managing estates.

We are a private company and employ specialist legal personnel who oversee all work undertaken

We strongly believe that all wills require individual advice, and are against DIY and internet wills because there are just too many accidental pitfalls.

We have a number of highly trained qualified advisers dotted around South East England and the Midlands who can distil advice, usually in the comfort of your home or office. Documents are then prepared by our legal team, following which, your adviser  to supervise the signing and witnessing so that there are no mistakes.

You can expect individual bespoke solutions. We will wish to know about your situation, your assets and liabilities and objectives. We will give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience and point out potential solutions.

Estate Administration (Probate)

We will provide a highly personalised service to the highest standards of advice and administration. We will administer wills written by others as well as intestacy.  We will relieve the Personal Representatives of the deceased as much as we possibly can with compassion, keeping interested parties informed what why and when we are doing.  We can add further value where possible by making suggestions that may save tax or protect assets for future generations.

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