For Professional Advisers

Wills are the cornerstone of planning when your client dies. Your client’s Will is likely to be his or her largest financial transaction.

Only 40% of the adult population have Wills. Of those who do most are basic absolute gifts without asset protection for the next generation.

We have been working with Professional Advisers for 23 years to advise on the specialist subject of estate planning.

How can we add value to your client service proposition?

  • By putting Wills or Deeds of Variation in place that are bespoke to your clients’ objectives, we can preserve the IHT benefits for the next generation where clients have business assets, and/or pension death benefits.
  • Provide asset protection where necessary.
  • Expand your knowledge of estate planning by newsletters and personal contact with one of our experienced advisers. We can provide a technical resource answering your estate planning questions.

How can Inheritance Planning Company add value if a client dies?

  • Advise on administration of Life Assurance Trusts. We can add value over paying directly to eg the widow/er.
  • Ensure that business assets are passed in a tax efficient way for the next generation and beyond.

How could your client’s estate be administered efficiently?

Our professional service can advise clients beyond simply administering and winding up an estate. We add value by:

  • Removing as many problems from our clients as possible by being efficient and dependable,
  • Communicating  to their representatives and you what, why and when we do things on your behalf,
  • Distilling advice that makes a difference to their future,
  • Making savings for clients where possible, e.g. minimising inheritance tax,
  • Ensuring that the deceased’s Will is appropriate for the beneficiaries,
  • Ensuring that the beneficiaries’ estate planning is in order.

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