Our Team

The Management Team

Aidan Adams

With nearly 30 years’ experience as a financial adviser specialising in estate planning, Aidan understands the complexities and sensitivities involved in inheritance planning. He set up Inheritance Planning Company in 1990 and his commitments to the Company have increased dramatically. In 2009, he decided to let go of financial planning to focus his efforts on his professional passion.

Outside of work his passion is his family, pets, music and sport.

Geoffrey Price

Geoff was educated at Coventry Prep School and Warwick School and then gained his LB at University College, London in 1967. After being a solicitor (partner) in private practice for many years, he left some 20 years ago to pursue other interests.  He joined Inheritance Planning Company in 1995 and, since then, has been responsible for running the legal department, developing and extending our range of products and supervising their production.

When not working, Geoff’s many personal interests include classical music (he plays the piano, organ, clarinet and bassoon), sport (particularly golf, rugby union, cricket and athletics) and his grandchildren.


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