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Resolve devastating family arguments over inheritance with mediation

Disputes over inheritance are on the increase and can lead to long-lasting emotional and financial trauma, ruining family relationships.

Sometimes litigation will seem is the only option for settling disputes, but in many cases there is a much more efficient, cost effective and satisfactory solution which saves a great deal of heartache.

What are the drawbacks to litigation?


Going to court is an expensive undertaking involving solicitors’ barristers’ and court fees. A fully contested case can cost a mind focussing £60,000 plus disbursements of £30,000 plus vat topping over £100,000!             

Lack of control

Most people want to play a decisive role in the outcome of their inheritance dispute, but handing a decision over to the court is handing much of your ability to determine the outcome


Litigation can be prolonged over many years.


Legal disagreements are stressful. A dispute following a bereavement can take over one’s life and prevent people from moving on.

A single outcome

There will be a winner, who generally takes all, and a loser who, to add insult to injury, may also have to pick up the considerable costs.

Family Division

A long, drawn-out legal dispute may leave a lasting legacy of bitterness and the possible banishment of a family member.

We would ask: ‘Is it worth it?’ There is a much better way for you to plan who receives your estate on your death.


Avoid these problems

Make a will

The best approach is to make a will which is fair. You cannot make amends from the grave! Dying without having made a will or forgetting to update your nomination of wishes on death-in-service benefits can lead to unpredictable outcomes.

Where there are disagreements over inheritance turn to our Mediation Service which means you and your relatives avoid involving the courts.

Choose Mediation

If you chose to find a resolution to your differences by using our Mediation Service, the costs will be a fraction of those for litigation. Costs can typically be between £2,000 and £5,000 plus VAT.

Mediation enables each of the parties to be involved in resolving the issues which are often deep-seated and go beyond financial matters.

Control of the decision-making process and the potential outcomes is firmly in the hands of each of the parties involved, as is the time and speed of the resolution.

A degree of honesty and integrity is required of all the parties as they will be called upon to address deep-rooted beliefs and values. Our experienced and highly trained mediators guide the participants to ensure a positive outcome. Each party will be able to air their views, listen to others, and work towards a joint solution.

The aim of mediation is to empower everyone and to provide an opportunity to nurture and foster a more positive relationship, which can grow. Coming to terms with other people’s needs and opinions can have a long lasting positive impact on most people’s lives.

Advice for setting priorities to avoid the problems associated with dying without a will or disagreements between beneficiaries can be found here.
Without a Will, you are deemed to die Intestate – this means legislation from nearly 100 years ago decides who benefits from your estate. If you are married with children, your spouse may only inherit the first £250,000 of your personal estate absolutely.

Putting in place a Will ensures that you choose who benefits from your estate. You also can appoint Guardians – people who you choose to bring up your children in the event of your premature death.

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