Why We Don’t Do Internet Wills

The transfer of your assets to specified beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of your will is likely to be the biggest financial transaction you ever make. We seriously advise that you do not try to skimp or save on this massive investment, as the consequences of a poorly formed will that is less than ‘watertight’ can be add considerable difficulties to those administering your estate.

We are aware that Internet wills are available for as little as £100 for a married couple and that DIY wills can be made for even less than this, by using kits from stationers. But we feel that these are risky and ill advised when it comes to ensuring that your assets pass to those you wish. From our experience, DIY wills can cause unforeseen problems in administering an estate which can create greater costs and delay. This negates the saving in making a professionally prepared will.  When it comes to inheritance planning, there are so many issues that can crop up that you might have never thought of being an issue. Cohabitees, for example, face so many hidden threats that must be considered in the planning stages of a will, issues that simply do not arise in the case of married couples and CPs. You have worked so hard to build your wealth. Don’t leave up to chance, issues that you would not even have thought to consider. Click here for download report for Cohabitees.

We are advocates of expert advice when it comes to the biggest financial transaction of your “life”. If you own your own home and capital, we will help you to ensure that your wealth is retained within your family for future generations, far from the reach of possible hostile creditors. Please download the article of  “5 Threats to your Children’s Inheritance” to see why this is so important.

Unlike Internet or DIY services, we can promise to personally meet you, individually consider your assets and liabilities, work hard to understand your family dynamics and objectives and make suggestions tailored to your requirements. Your Will will be drafted by an expert, overseen fully and witnessed correctly to ensure it is legally binding with no room for loopholes.

Alternative simplified service

We do offer a telephone or Skype will advice service, where we can provide detailed advice, taking your instructions. We can discuss your family situation, assets and liabilities, and objectives alongside any other relevant factors, making recommendations wherever we see fit. We can take care of the whole process of preparing a will and supervising its signing and witnessing by telephone if this is most convenient for you.

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Without a Will, you are deemed to die Intestate – this means legislation from nearly 100 years ago decides who benefits from your estate. If you are married with children, your spouse may only inherit the first £250,000 of your personal estate absolutely.

Putting in place a Will ensures that you choose who benefits from your estate. You also can appoint Guardians – people who you choose to bring up your children in the event of your premature death.

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