Setting Priorities

Our advice for setting priorities

The order of priority should be:

  • Take the time to make a considered will that is fair to all. A ‘fair’ will does not need to be equal. In difficult situations, our adviser’s counsel clients in order that the will accurately reflects their wishes. It is at this stage where careful consideration is given to the potential for future arguments, that the best outcome is achieved
  • In the real world there can still be estate issues after someone dies. In the first instance, parties should attempt to resolve their differences themselves.
  • If no solution is found, or the parties would prefer support, then mediation enables everyone to get together and agree how the estate should be divided in a fair and equitable way. The parties to the dispute agree the outcome guided by mediator.
  • If none of the above are possible, litigation may be the only alternative or the parties walk away and the problems fester – and this sad to see!

Inheritance Planning Company works with specialist contentious probate solicitors to avoid expensive and damaging problems. In circumstances where there are disagreements, we have also established a Mediation Service


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